Pirin Lakes and Mountains

Welcome to the Beautiful Pirin National Park

Pirin Lakes and Mountains


For over 2,000 years the Thracians called it a “miracle of nature”. These snow-capped mountains spread over an area of 40,000 hectares and in 1977 the UNESCO listed this national treasure, affording it protection through its “Man and Biosphere” program.

With over 100 Peaks surpassing 2,000m in height, this mountain range is greatly admired by hikers during the summer months. With its diverse limestone mountain landscape, the Pirin National Park offers its visitors 176 glacial lakes, waterfalls, caves, coniferous forests, alpine meadows and rocky screes.

The Pirin National Park has an exceptionally rich and varied flora and fauna. Pirin Edelweiss grows on sheer rocks leading to Mount Vihren’s peak at 2,914 metres, while in the shadow of its peak the 1,200-year-old Baikousheva white fir stands 16 metres high. Bears, wolves, jackals and the Park’s 170 species of birdlife call Pirin their home.

Dotted throughout the National Park, ‘Hijas’ (huts or hikers hostels) provide food and lodging at a small cost for visitors looking to complete some of the many well-marked trails through this spectacular scenery.