Bulgaria offers 1st class medical services

Bulgaria offers 1st class medical services

Bulgaria offers 1st class medical services.

Written by: Douglas RossBamro blog - Medical 2

Bulgaria may not be the first place you would think of to find 1st rate medical services. However they are here and 100% accessible.

Having lived in Bulgaria since 2005 we have been fortunate enough not to have had any serious medical issues. The times we have needed assistance have always proved to be a positive and caring experience.

Bamro.com 1 The Bulgarian equivalent of the National Health Services is very definitely underfunded and this affects the medical  attention you receive but this, in our experience, has never affected the level of care and immediacy.

Recently after having turned 60, I thought that it was about time I sought a thorough medical examination to ensure that  there was nothing nasty creeping up on me.

 I had heard of a Japanese operated hospital in Sofia and made some inquiries about the work they do and the typical  costs involved in this kind of examination. The hospital is called “Tokuda”.

During my limited research I came across Violetta (Bulgaria Medical Services). Violetta works alongside Tokuda Hospital as its assisting partner, helping foreigners who are in need of medical help. Her website is www.treatmentbulgaria.com or you can contact her on her mobile number Bamro Blog - Medical 3which is 0035878799103.

Violetta made it very easy for me to book appointments with the consultants and other areas in the hospital, such as blood samples etc. She kept me informed of the approximate costs at all times. Unfortunately the accurate costs will only be revealed on the day as you may need extra services such as x-rays. However the costs are all reasonable and are clearly identified through published prices lists.

Having booked my appointments I arranged to meet Violetta at 8:30 on the day and she introduced me to the senior consultant for out-patients. He explained the plans for my examinations and consultations and said he would discuss all aspects of the exams and their results at the end of the day.

checklist My 1st stop, guided by Violetta, was to have blood samples taken. This done, I started the tour of the 10 separate  consultants that were on my list. Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Veins, Brain, Bones, Eyes, Hips, etc. etc.  Each consultant  would  ask questions and examine and some would scan but each spoke perfect English and seemed very detailed and    thorough. A couple of times I was sent away for another x-ray.

 Each consultation was noted on the hospital computer and each consultant could see the blood test results on line as  well as any x-rays that I was asked to have. After each consultation I was given a copy of the scans and typed notes of the Consultants findings and recommendations.

I was totally impressed every step of the way and at no stage did I feel the medical jargon was putting me at a disadvantage. Also having Bamro Blog - MedicalVioletta with me helped as she would explain things in layman’s terminology. Having said that Violetta was very discreet and would subtly leave the consultation room if any piece of clothing needed to be removed.

At the end of the day we should have received our report from the day but we ran out of time. This was written up the next day in English with a copy of all x-rays on disk. A detailed document to show to your home doctor or to keep as an indicator for any future examinations.

I loved the immediacy of the service and results also the totally professional nature of the consultations, all this for a fraction of the price it would have been in the UK

I definitely recommend this route to anyone that is thinking of getting a well-man or well-woman examination.

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